Summer 2019 News!

Hey! It’s been a while!

Finally (and here’s to hoping) life seems to have settled down and allows time and dedication for landscap3 to have the attention and focus required.

Without going much into it, it has been a few troubled years since landscap3 started and little did i knew (for those wondering, this is a solo gig) what was ahead until some months ago. Now it’s been a quite revealing and awakening process and for sure the come back will be stronger.

landscap3 has started some due marketing promotions quite recently in order to test waters and prepare for Peeeedro’s album(s) that will come later this year. There will be more news on this quite soon.

Here’s to the next few months! 🙂

Landscap3 is back!

After a 1 to 2 year half hiatus half sabbatical holiday (or just an excuse to say that the one man army was busy dealing with life stuff), landscap3 is back and it feels great!

To celebrate there will be plenty of news soon, but at the moment the whole infrastructure is still being updated – i’ll keep you all posted pretty soon, shouldn’t take more than a week now.

See you all soon!