Peeeedro debut album, “Rewind”, is now out and fully available in all majour platforms : Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Juno, and many more!

Peeeedro hails from Portugal and has been doing music since early ages (and before the Y2k if you must know, using on trackers, early days fruity loops and propellerheads rebirth!) for quite a long time and under several different aliases – you can see some of his other work here and here.

The single for this EP is, “Beehive”, which features the singer Tom Burton (Ape House) and is already being broadcasted all over the place. During this week / beginning of next we will have the video for this massive tune out and about – don’t miss !

The 4 songs that are part of “Rewind” roam between many electronic music sub-genres, where a really smooth approach and chilled-out mood set the pace. With a strong electronic component, there’s also room for a carefully crafted guitar, sometimes disguised as effects or with clearly defined lines – which blur-out any defining genres and makes this album a really unique approach to contemporary music.

“Rewind” will be released and distributed by landscap3 ( and is already available on several music platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Google Play Store, Juno, Amazon,….) , including the labels own website, Don’t miss out !